Tying A Knot: How to choose the perfect clothing for a dream-like wedding

This is the day where a girl’s dream wedding would take place, that’s why most women would exert all their effort to make it possible in any way. Furthermore, the process of planning and choosing for the best outfit would require patience and time, because looking for a perfect match should always make considerations in an individual’s taste. However, it couldn’t be avoided that there are delays and even unexpected situations that could ruin the excitement in looking forward to the biggest day. Besides, this is a nightmare that everyone would be delighted to evade, to ignore unnecessary outcomes and regrets at the end.

Appropriate dress for your body type

Keep in mind that before rushing your way to any dress shops, it would be appropriate to know what fits you the most base on your body shape. It would always be your judgements what matters most aside from your fiancee, because if the dress won’t make you comfortable then don’t buy it. You know what makes you beautiful just by feeling your intuitions and be sensitive enough. Here are some of the tips you can consider in examining the perfect dress for you:

  1. An A-line right for an apple-shape and pear-shaped body. This is highly recommended especially if you don’t have big bust, but shapely well-toned hips and thighs. Don’t choose a dress that make your thighs and hips bigger than the actual size, it would be better to wear an activewear beneath, because this helps to distribute fats equally on the lower extremities.
  2. A busty type of body matches well with a supportive dress. There’s a type of dress that would show off your bust without looking flirty― a square-neck dress. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a strapless dress, if it fitted right to a tee, then there’s nothing to worry about it. This will also give you the perfect shape and for sure, every girl in the room would envy the shape of your body.
  3. An empire silhouette for a stout type of body. An empire dress is very suitable if you don’t want to show too much shape. This is similar to the A-line dress, however it cinches beneath the bust and drops down to the floor gracefully.
  4. A vertical dress for a petite body. Avoid any beads and striping that goes horizontally, because it won’t emphasize your long legs. But instead focus on looking out for plunging neckline, vertical embellishments or vertical paneling.

Consider any dress adjustments

The world is not full of sweets and creampies, so if there are any adjustments to make then be open-minded to it. There are things that requires to be replaced to come up with a better plan.

Suitable Wedding Accessories

In choosing for the right accessory be mindful that it should complement with the dress you chose. Nevertheless, beautiful ornaments are worn to emphasize the simplicity of the bride without wearing too much dangling. The most appropriate adornment for the women’s accessory is the silver engagement rings for women to use is the pearl and white gems for both bracelets and rings, because white color complements in any type of dresses as long as it has a sparkling color.


The Sattaj creations, has a wide variety of wedding fashion clothing to choose from or if they have babies they mostly need the most essential things a newborn baby needs as well to help the bride’s dream wedding possible and worthwhile. Nevertheless, The most important thing to remember is if the dress makes you comfortable than you would already look beautiful wearing it, because no bride is ugly in the eyes of his groom(CEO and founder of SEO Cebu) .

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